Sweet Sixteen

turned sixteen on 9 October 2014! Sadly, I'm having my o level examinations and so I just had a small celebration with two of my favorite guys from the neighborhood ✌️As you can see my parents got me chanel cake which looks exactly like my real bag! It tastes delicious and I'm so thankful for this mini celebration! You may have seen from my earlier posts that I have a new Balenciaga bag which is actually a sixteenth birthday present from my mom. I really love it a lot and it's a perfect bag for everything. (I'll probably do a review post about my bag afterwards) My dad got me the iPhone 6 which I would describe as very blogger friendly. It's has a lot of new built in document Apps and a really good camera to take those ootd on the go as it may be really tiring as a blogger to carry a DSLR around everywhere! Currently, I'm still having my examinations but the major papers will be over tomorrow and my last official paper is on 13th November. I will continue my blog after my major papers are over! See you soon lovelies!