Berlin, Germany

From the visuals above, you would agree with me that Berlin is a very beautiful city. Moreover, it is filled with so much history. When I was deciding on where to take a trip to, Berlin wasn't in my mind. However, after learning about Berlin  Wall and the holocaust during my history lesson, I was very captivated by them. Therefore, I decided to go to Berlin to see the Berlin Wall for myself and also to learn more about the holocaust. 

When I arrived at the Wallstreet Park Plaza Hotel, I was welcomed with amazing service and as seen above a really beautiful room (and bathroom). Since it was already late, I decided to go to the Mall of Berlin for some shopping and dinner. I started of the second day by going to the memorial of the murdered Jews which is an amazing educational and historic site. Other than having in depth details of the holocaust, it also exhibited sentimental letters sent by those who suffered during the holocaust. After the memorial, I walked up to the Brandenburg Gate which is an historical monument in Berlin. I continued walking to the Madame Tussauds and ended of my day there. 

On Day 2, I went to the Berlin Wall memorial which was also very informative. Moreover, since I went there in 2014, which is the 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin wall, there were messages written by people from all over the world. I felt this indescribable joy when I saw that all the messages had one thing in common, they all wanted peace. After an educational morning at the Berlin Wall memorial, I made my way to Alexanderplatz. I was surprised that all the shops were closed because it was a Sunday, however I saw that there was a fun fair behind the Alexxa mall and went to it. I got on the super tall ride you see in the pictures. I felt amazing to be on it. I have a secret obsession with roller coasters.

I spent day 3 at the Olympic Stadium which is gigantic and visited the Reichstag building at night. On day 4, I went to the Berlin Stasi Prison and then to the Reichstag building again but this time, I went inside. I went to the dome of the Reichstag building and I even had lunch there with my mum. That was the end of day 4 and also the last day in Berlin.

Thank you for reading.