Current Obsession: Mini Bags

Hey lovelies! Thought I would do a quick post about my current obsession! I'm currently under a spell cast upon me by Celine & Balenciaga. I'm obsessed with the mini bags that these two brands offer, namely the Celine nano bag, Celine trio messenger bag and the Balenciaga Classic Mini City bag. Not only am I attracted to the size of the bags, I am also enchanted by the classiness and simplicity of these minimalistic bag. I agree that luxury bags tend to be in your face with the big double C logo or those acclaimed monogram design, however, these three bags are more subtle and the focus of the bag is the design not the designer which is what really matters at the end of the day. 

For a teenager like me, bags of this size is sufficient to hold everything that I need. I only carry around my phone, wallet and earpiece so these bags are more compatible and sensible. These bags also come in various colors for the bold ones to experiment with. Personally, I prefer black as i feel that it will be a better investment as I know that I can match it with every outfit that way but honestly one day, I would like to have all colors of the Celine Nano bag & Balenciaga City bag lined up in my closet but for now, the black ones are fine with me. 

I understand that these bags are becoming really popular this year and the trend is likely to continue for a couple more years so I think that one of these bags would be a smart investment. Most of you would know that I got the Balenciaga Classic Mini City bag and I'm genuinely obsessed with it! I promise to do a review on that bag soon for those interested. Till next time lovelies xx


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