Resplendent Rome

Rome, Italy

Hey Lovelies! I'm back from Europe! I know I promised that I will be posting from Europe directly but I was having too much fun…so I will be doing detailed posts about my 2 week vacation in Europe. We started off in resplendent Rome and once we reached the ancient city, we immediately went to the Altare Della Patria which is a very controversial monument. After that we strolled to the Colosseum which is magnificent. I just cannot believe how they were able to build such intricate and stable buildings at that time. The fact that it is still standing just amazes me.

After touring the colosseum, we went to the Palentine Hill & Roman Forum. I learnt a lot about the ancient Roman civilization. It was so technological advanced. I felt very blessed to see the remains of a city square, shops & churches from the ancient Roman civilization. The architecture took my breathe away...