Switzerland 2013

Switzerland is a breathtaking place with a little bit of everything- shopping, scenery & class. Out of all the 3 cities I went to, Zurich had the best weather. It was having a good Summer. The weather was hot maybe even hotter than Singapore. That was good because it was pretty chilly in London & Paris. 

15 June 2013
I had a good time shopping. I went to a shop called Zebra which was right next to my hotel, Swissotel. The pieces they had there was very youthful and very 'summery'. They had tribal print leggings, dip dye shorts and other lace print tops. I also went to H&M (DUH) which was next to my hotel as well. The pieces there were almost the same as the ones in Singapore. I was walking through the streets of Zurich when I saw a shop with many beautiful pieces through the window. I decided to go in. I saw many beautiful pieces but there was this little section with lovely evening dresses. The dresses were lovely and definitely grand. They looked a lot like those fancy red carpet dresses. I tried on almost all the dresses there but I ended up choosing a bronze kind of a colour. I would like to go again to the shop in the near future. After the 'quick' shopping in the stores next to my hotel, we went to the central area. There we went to a mall called Globulus. There all of my other relatives got a swatch watch each. I also got a Marc Jacobs watch from there. We went to inquire about H&M stores around that area and we found out that there were about 3-4 H&M outlet in that area alone! :O I did some shopping there again and we decided to walk to a church that was more than 200 years old. While we were walking we saw about 2 other H&M stores. After a mini sight seeing trip in the central part of Zurich, we went back to the hotel on those trams that are well known in Switzerland.

16 June 2013
This day was a magical day because it was my first time that I had ever experienced real snow. We spent the whole day touring the alps of Switzerland. We went to the 'top of Europe'. The mountain is known as Jungfraujoch and it was 3454m above seas level. This was the most beautiful experience. The snow was slippery but it was still beautiful. It was definitely one of the most memorable day of my life. I am thankful for this experience. We went back to the hotel to pack our things because we were leaving the next day. My mom & I ordered in-room dining as it is our tradition to do so every vacation(: I had a nice relaxing bath. It was a nice way for us to say goodbye to Europe.

17 June 2013
We got up early and we left the hotel. It was nice to board the Singapore Airlines Flight and immediately see many Singaporeans. We reached Singapore at 5.55 am on 18 June (due to the huge difference in time). 

Overall I had good time and I would do anything to go back to Europe. Next time I would like to go alone and do crazy stuff  and explore the radiant cities. I am planning to go to Switzerland Interlaken, a place we stopped by during our journey to the alps, after my 'A' levels alone. I want to go back there mainly because it was very peaceful. It was like in the middle of nowhere. It would be nice to escape from Singapore to Interlaken for a couple of weeks.


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