Today's the day

Today is 8 June 2013 and is the day I'm taking off to Europe! I'm excited but not as excited as I was before because some events that occurred a couple of days back caused my spirit to dampen. However I hope everything will change. It's nice to leave Singapore for a while but I am sure that I will miss her and the food and the people and maybe even the weather! 

It's exactly 9.18 am now. My flight is at 12.45pm and I'm almost completed packing just a couple more things like my hair brush and I'm done. We are probably leaving around 9.45 to 10.00 am. I'm excited but nervous as the same time. I'm praying so so hard that everything will be good and that I have the magical trip I've been dreaming for months. Thank you for following me throughout the pre vacation journey. Now join me for the real thing itself! 

Thank you for reading!


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