London 2013

I reached London at around 8pm(London Time) and we immediately went to our hotel which was the Hilton Islington. The next day we spent about 3 hours and took 4 or 5 trains and a cab just to get to London Legoaland. By the way, I was near the Windsor Castle taking a picture when a British man complimented my style. (;  I personally did not enjoy Legoland as I prefer thrills rides with 360 loops like the one in Universal Studios Singapore but Legoland is clearly for the kids. Legoland closes at 6 and we left at 6 to a restaurant where we met my uncle for dinner. Overall, the first day in London was not that great! 

The second day was for exploring London we took a tour bus and went to many places like the buckingham palace, London Eye and Big Ben. I actually learnt that Big Ben is not Big Ben! The tower's name is Elizabeth but the bell inside the tower is known as Big Ben. Pretty cool (: While standing near the London Eye, a girl complimented my shoes. Afterwards, my mother and I decided to separate from rest of my relatives and so the two of us went to the Madame Tussaud which for those who do not know is wax museum. I have been to the one in Hong Kong and now I've been to London's as well. I got to 'meet' many celebrities and take pictures with them including One Direction, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and some bollywood stars. Just to make it clear I am not a Directioner at the same time I am not a hater. I took a picture with them cause I figured every other girl would be jealous (; But I am a Belieber & a Smiler. I also got another compliment from a girl working at the Madame Tussauds. She said that she liked my jacker from VS. Read my post of the jacket here. I had a good time there but the place was super crowded and there were many Indians from India pushing and they were behaving very rudely in my opinion. I was taken aback because as when I went to Hong Kong's Madame Tussaud there was almost no crowd and we could take our time. After Madame Tussaud, my mom and I went to Harrods. We checked out the Chanel bags there but we were not planning to buy as we had already confirmed that we will get my Chanel bag from Paris. I did not have a good time at Harrods as my mom got sick and I spent half the time waiting outside the toilet for her so we decided to go to Selfridges. As you would know from my earlier posts, I planned on getting a Marc Jacobs watch and I was in a hunt for that in London and fortunately, Selfridges had Marc Jacobs, H&M, Juicy Couture and many other brands that I am in love with! Selfridges is my second shopping haven! (My first is VivoCity in Singapore) My mom felt bad about the Harrods incident and she really wanted me to cheer up so she got me almost everything I wanted from Selfridges. Lucky for me, Marc Jacobs was right next to the entrance. However, the Marc Jacobs watches there were not as nice as the one I saw in Singapore which was a huge shocker! So instead I looked at some Marc Jacobs iphone cover and and a cuff bracelet. Then I got this comb which is said to have the 'WORLDS BEST COMB DESIGN'. Personally I think its pretty good cause it easy to hold and all but I'm not so sure about the 'worlds best'  part. The comb by the way is 15 pounds. I also got a Juicy Couture jacket in purple for 117 pounds which is slightly more than in Singapore. So Selfridges really managed to cheer me up and I went back to the hotel with many yellow (selfridges) bag! The second day was really good! 
50 pounds

30 pounds

On the third day, we took a eurostar train from London to Paris! Woah that statement sounded pretty glamourous.


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