Last Day of Semester 1

Today was the last day of school for semester 1 and also one of the best days of my life. I went to school tired and sleepy. I was even more pissed off when I heard that we will be having talks that morning on world no tobacco day and some other stuff. At first we had a talk from Rexona and then we had to wait for a long time for the next speaker. Suddenly, boythunder (popular DJ from Singapore) appeared on stage and I was so shocked. Boythunder in Dunman Secondary! Thats like a miracle. After a few minutes into the talk, Boythunder said that he was going to bring out a friend and he shouted out for Jian Hao (famous Singaporean youtuber). When I saw Jian Hao come on stage, I was literally speechless and all that came out from my mouth was a slurred scream or something like that. I was pleasantly surprised! After the talk, I ran outside of the hall to the backstage before everyone else. I waited for Boythunder and Jian Hao to come. They eventually did and I got to take pictures with them. I was literally shaking! The picture I took with Jian Hao came out really well excluding my messed up hair and school uniform. Today was really a fairytale and I thank my school for calling the duo to our school. I am also grateful to Boythunder who came despite his headache! Today was a fairytale! 

Jian Hao & I

Boythunder & I

Thank you for reading this even though it has nothing to do with fashion!
Check out Jian Hao's youtube here: Teenageguruz