Paris 2013


I reached Paris in the afternoon/evening of 11 June 2013 roughly around 5 pm (Paris timing) and we left for the Eiffel Tower at 8.30 pm. When I got Paris I honestly did not see why every girl's life long dream is to come to Paris. I looked around and it was like any other normal city but when I came out of the train station and I looked to my left and saw the Eiffel Tower right in front of my eyes, I understood why they say theres no where like Paris. I swear the moment you look at the Eiffel Tower for the very first time, you would be speechless. No matter what problems and pain you face, the Eiffel Tower can take it all away. We took our time to walk to the Eiffel Tower and surprisingly, it was not crowded. However since we reached after 10 pm the top was closed and we could only go to the second level which was good enough for me. The view the the second level itself was breathtaking. Afterwards, we had some french waffles and got some souvenirs and we left. The carousel I went on was the same one Kourtney Kardashian & her family went on.

The next day 12 June 2013 was also a magical one because it was the day I got my first Chanel bag. (: It was a rather an interesting morning that day. We went to Champs-Élysées and we walked a long way enjoying the beautiful architecture and weather that Paris offered and suddenly it started to rain so we took cover in the Parliament of Paris building and a couple of minutes later we got kicked out of the Parliament House. That was really funny. Afterwards we witnessed a small riot around that area. We carried on walking to Rue Cambon the street where Chanel is located. My mom and I went to the shop while rest of my relatives decided to take a break at a nearby cafe. 

I can remember every second of the 30 mins or less I spent at Chanel choosing carefully my first bag.  The staff were of course very kind since they are paid to do that and then a french woman served us. I looked color after colour and design after design. I finally decided on one bag. My mom really liked the bag in red but I preferred black as is classic. The bag I got was of course from the latest collection.  I can remember walking out of the shop beaming with delight because I knew that not many in fact and I don't know any parents who would get their 14 year old daughter such a valuable bag. My uncle (father's older brother) was pissed off at my dad for getting me the bag but I think thats wrong as my father has the right to get his daughter what she wants without being afraid of his older brother! 

Afterwards, my mom and I were on a hunt for a LV wallet for my mom. We walked and walked but we could not find the shop so we decided to meet up with our relatives again. After that we walked a bit and the organiser, my uncle (father's younger brother) said that we should go back to the hotel and thats when it hit my mother that we would not come back to Paris for at least the next 2 years ( cause I have important exams next year). So my mom decided she would get a Chanel wallet instead of an LV so my mom and I ran back to the 31 Rue Cambon and my mom got a beautiful red floral Chanel wallet that would match her red Prada (: It was a good day for my mom and I. We went back to the hotel and we had dinner at a nearby Pizza Hut and then we went to bed as the next day we were going to Paris Disneyland.

13 June 2013 in Paris Disneyland was a good day but also tiring one as we only reached the hotel at 
1am. Theres nothing much to say about Paris Disneyland. The thrill rides were good and the fireworks were alright.  Truthfully I would say that the fireworks in Hong Kong Disneyland was better as the one in Paris was more about visual screenings like effects and stuff but not fireworks but Hong Kong's was fireworks all the way. Overall, it was a good day.

On 14 June 2013, we took a train to Switzerland.


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