London 2013 Outfits

Flight to London  8 June 2013

I'm not going to go in detail of the outfit as I already did in a earlier post. Click here to go to the video.

Legoland London, 9 June 2013
Walking the streets of Legoland London with class

This is the outfit I wore on my first day in London. The temperature was pretty chilly and since I'm used to 30 degrees celsius Singapore, I had to wear a trench coat and a jumper. I was wearing a basic top with a grey jumper with rhinestones from F21. I wore a floral leggings that I got from Hong Kong's F21. The shoes are from The Editor's Market. I wore a blue socks to add a contrast to the shoes. Last but not least, I put on a leather glove to keep my hands warm. (:

Pink Trench Coat from Winter Time, $79.90. Jumper from Forever 21. 
Floral Leggings from Forever 21. Shoes from Editors's Market $45.

Exploring London, 10 June 2013
Keep it Classy with Velvet

I like this outfit a lot mainly because I'm wearing a skirt and I rarely wear skirts. The pink bling varsity jacket definitely stole the show since rest of the pieces are of a duller tone. The grey top actually has some studs on the sleeve but it cannot be seen as I'm wearing the jacket. The gold bag and spiked oxfords also made me stand out from the crowd which is a feeling I enjoy. I often mix bright and attractive accessories with colours like black and grey to have a balance. And of course I had to put on my trench coat when I was at the buckingham palace as it was cold. 

Pink Trench Coat, Winter Time $79.90. Pink Victoria's Secret Varsity Jacket US $118.  Studded top from Forever 21. Velvet Skirt from eBay. Gold bag from H&M. Shoes from Editor's Market, $45.

Quick Shopping + Eurostar to Paris , 11 June 2013
Cray Cray is sexy


My mom and I went for a early morning shopping session at H&M London and we also found a lovely little street next to my hotel where they sold strawberries that looked delicious. To the outfit now. The outfit is simple but crazy thanks to various prints. I wore my legendary purple sweater that I wear everytime I travel for long as it is soooo comfortable. Under my sweater I have a crop top. I wore a tight fitting black tank to cove my belly button as I was on vacation with my family including my grandma so I did not want to give her a shock by just wearing the crop top alone.The crop top has a crazy print with kind of a tribal theme. I paired it with a green zebra print shorts from Guess Hong Kong. Since it was cold, I wore stocking to keep the rest of my legs warm. I completed the look with the Marc Jacobs cuff bracelet and a bright Nike shoes i got for a VERY reasonable price in London as well.

Purple Sweater from H&M. Crop Top from Forever 21, $13. Green Zebra Print shorts from Hong Kong's Guess Outlet. Nike shoes around S$50+ 


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