Pre Vacation Europe (itinerary)

It has been indeed a long time since my last post, thats mainly because of my exams but they are over now and I did fairly well! With the first semester behind me, its now time for the June holidays! I am very excited because this June, I will be going to..... EUROPE! In Europe I will be visiting London, Paris and Switzerland. This is the first time I'm stepping out of Asia and is my first time on a 12hr 30 mins flight (to London) so I'm praying hard that I will survive! My trip is from 8 June 2013 to 18 June 2013.  As I said earlier on I'm really excited, so I would like to share the itinerary with you guys!

08 June 2013 - We'll take a flight at 12.45 pm ( Singapore Time) to London. We'll be reaching London at 7.10 pm (London Time). We'll be staying at the Hilton Hotel. We will have dinner there.

09 June 2013 - We will be spending the day at Legoland London then in the evening we will probably go shopping. I'm planning to get a crystal watch from Marc Jacobs and maybe a Michael Kors accessories. Thats because luxury goods in Singapore are very expensive, they are most likely(I'm praying hard) cheaper in other countries! 

10 June 2013 - We will be going sightseeing around London. I'm secretly praying that we get the chance to go shopping too.

11 June 2013 - We will be checking out from the Hilton and we will try to be at the Eurostar Train Station by 12.45 pm as our train is at 1.30 pm. We will take a the train from London to Paris. We will reach Paris around 4.45 pm. We will go to our hotel and then we will go to the Eiffel Tower! I cannot wait to go there at night! 

12 June 2013 - We will be going to Paris Disneyland for the whole day. I am excited for this. I have only been to Hong Kong Disneyland and I heard that the one at Paris has many thriller rides. I'm in LOVE with thriller rides. Whether its upside down or dueling- I LOVE THEM ALL!

13 June 2013 - On this day, we (my mother and I) will split up from our relatives. Firstly, I plan to go to Pont des Arts where I would like to do the Love Padlock thing with my mum (: Afterwards I plan to go to the Eiffel Tower again but this time for a day view. After that we will go for shopping! My dad said that I could get my VERY FIRST CHANEL BAG! Hopefully, everything goes as by plan. At night I plan to go to the River Seine with my mum and have dinner on the cruise but my mum has motion sickness so she is most likely going to be sick so maybe we will just go on a tour on a boat around Paris. 

14 June 2013 - We will catch a train from Paris to Zurich,Switzerland. We would reach there in the evening and we will go out for a dinner.

15 June 2013 - We will be leaving for Luzren at about 10 am. We will spend the whole day in Luzren probably sightseeing and being all Touristy. lol

16 June 2013 - We will go to snow ice cap mountain. We will be touring mountains ant stuff for almost 12 hours straight.

17 June 2013 - We will catch our flight back to Singapore.

18 June 2013- We will reach Singapore at 5.55 am!

These is the itinerary. Hopefully everything goes as planned. I will be posting updates about the trip as often as I can (if possible daily). Updates as in outfits, things to buy and packing list. Thanks for reading!


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