Debuting my new Chanel at MBS


Hey dolls! It's been too long since I last posted! I'm on a mission to post a lot more blogposts now. Well Guess who got a new Chanel bag! It's a Chanel Chevron medium in lambskin in antique gold hardware. I love Chanel the brand and the classic design (the quilted bag) but I always love pieces with a twist in them and that is why I went for the Chevron design instead. What do you think of my latest addition? 

I love the skirt that I'm wearing too because it's so classy and the colour is very unique. It's been a while since I wore nothing but black and white. I've been having a B&W phase to emanate a more mature vibe. However I want to start wearing Colours too. This skirt is a perfect example of a mature piece yet with a subtle pop of colour which I love. It's crazy that I had this piece for maybe a year and haven't worn it once! 

Anyways I had such a great time with my dear Friend Zeline who just returned from NZ for a short vacay. We enjoyed spectacular views from the SkyBar at Marina Bay Sands. A perfect place to enjoy the Singaporean nightlife.

Till next time 
Kaarthiga xx