Perth, Australia

Perth, Western Australia

I just got back from Australia!! This trip is my first time in Aussie and it was really good! Firstly I went to Perth which is only 5 hours away but because we missed our flight, we had to take a 14 hour journey to Perth via Melbourne which is 8 hours away. I even lost my passport but luckily the flight attendant got it safely. 

Other than those mishaps, Perth is a really pretty place with amazing shopping. I went to Fremantle on my first day there and it reminded me of Europe! The buildings and shops it felt exactly like Europe! Fremantle has a lot of shops that are not very mainstream which is good because the pieces are really unique and pretty! Wish I had done more shopping there! I also went to a mart there which has a lot of spices and chocolates. I bought white chocolates with macadamia nuts (seen above) and they taste incredibly heavenly! I would go back there just for the chocolates!! I also did some shopping at King Street and went to the famous Crawley Boat Shed which is really pretty. I also walked through Kings Park and Matilda Bay and ate at the Matilda Bay Restaurant which has the freshest food. I ate the prawns entree and fish & chips for main. The food was so good! 

Overall, Perth is a really nice place for a quick getaway since its only 5 hours away from Singapore! I'm sure that I'll go there often in the near future. 

Thank you for reading! See you soon, Lovelies xx

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