Tokyo 2015

Tokyo, Japan

Its been so long since my trip to Tokyo - almost 4 months! However, I finally have time to breathe since my exams just ended! Its been one crazy year filled with a lot of new and amazing experiences. One of my favourite experience would be my Tokyo trip in June 2015. To be honest, I just realised that it has been really long since I went to and Asian Country as I have been having and obsession with Europe. The last time I went to an Asian country (before this Tokyo trip) was in March 2013 when I went for a 36 hour trip to Hong Kong with my uncle. Yea you guessed it. My family is a bit crazy. Oh Wells! Back to Tokyo. It was a really exciting trip and it felt nice to getaway from Singapore. 

I'm gonna do a quick of what I did in Tokyo. I was only there for 3 days but I had a really good time. The first few pictures features my airport outfit. You might have noticed that I tend to wear black & white outfits and the same leggings for almost all of my airport outfits. Thats cause I prioritise comfort when I travel especially when I take long 12 hour flights like those to Europe. Therefore I tend to create an outfit based on a comfortable pair of (houndstooth) leggings. Im probably gonna wear that again for my next airport outfit! Oops. Lets get straight to the point now. On day 1, we went for shopping around the Shinjuku district once we landed as it was near my hotel. I bought a lot of things mainly cause my mum was in a good mood (: I also managed to get a new Nike Airmax as seen above in the visuals.We went to harajuku in the evening and had dinner at a tepenyaki restaurant near our hotel. We spent the whole of Day 2 at Tokyo Disneyland. I had a great day and the fireworks spectacular, as expected. Personally, I prefer Hong Kong Disneyland. Not sure why but it might be due to the shorter queues and familiarity as I've been to HK disneyland 3 times in the last 8 years which actually isn't a lot. On Day 3. we went to the Meiji Shrine in the morning then went to an old town place where we had a trishaw ride which was an amazing experience and also were at the famous temple. After that we went to the famous Shibuya crossing and did some shopping around that district.

Generally, this trip was an amazing one. I liked that it was short and sweet. Also glad that I got to do so much in such a short period of time. So excited for my next trip in december! Can you guess where?

Till next time, lovelies