Amsterdam 2014

Flight from Berlin to Amsterdam
Chanced upon an indian clothing store
New Adidas shoes

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A super super delayed post but here it is finally. Amsterdam is easily one of my favourite cities in the world. Even though I was only there for a short 3 days, it left a huge impact on me. I felt things I've never felt before. I love Amsterdam cause of its notorious scene. I like how everything is out in the open. The people I observed are also really 'dope'. Amsterdam has this beautiful vibe. It's scenic thanks to the canals that run through the city. Amsterdam is also really cool cause of its nightlife. The city is like a good girl gone bad at night. I know it's a really weird analogy but that's how I interprete it. At night, the city lights up and you can see super cool people wearing even cooler shoes (they have a tonnes of streets that sell dope Branded shoes like the Adidas one above). I just feel like the city is filled with adventure and mystery and I can't wait to go back there hopefully with a friend next time. 

I stayed at the art'otel when i was in Amsterdam. Its a really unique hotel, its super artistic and the rooms are very different from the basic hotel rooms I've been to. The service was exceptional. Once I reached the hotel, a concierge literally set down with me and got me hot drinks (since it was super cold) and advised me on where to go for sightseeing. I've never been treated this well in a hotel before. After chilling at the hotel room for a bit I went for a cruise around the canals. It was really pretty as they had lovely light decorations for the Amsterdam Light Festival. I also got new shoes from the streets next to the hotel. The next morning, I got to try the Room Of Riddles which was really fun. Afterwards, I went to the windmill and then I walked through the streets of Amsterdam. It was remarkably beautiful. I ended of the night at the Anne Frank house which was a very good learning opportunity and I'm very glad that i got to visit it. I started the next day by hunting down for a new Marc Jacob watch which I finally found at De Bijenkorf. I also did some other shopping there. After that I just hanged out at the hotel and ended of my last day of the trip with dinner at a Turkish restaurant (totally missing Istanbul). I left Amsterdam next morning.

It was really nice to be in Amsterdam, Rome, Pisa and Berlin. This has been my longest vacation ever and honestly(and sadly) I didn't really miss Singapore. I can't wait to return. One day, I want to live in Amsterdam for a couple of months. I think it would be a really good experience.