A day in Pisa


Hey lovelies! I'm back! Sorry for not being very active on the blog as I have been requested to do multiple videos on youtube. I still have 3 more videos to do for those who requested. I was requested to do a what is in my bag and how i style my bag for my Celine Nano. I was also requested to do a room tour. Some of my viewers wanted to see how the bag looks on me so I will put that in the What's in my bag video. I will try my best to finish up these videos as soon as possible and in the mean time, you guys can check out my earlier video which is an unboxing/reveal of my Celine Nano.

Back to Pisa! So I took a day trip to Pisa from Rome and spent roughly 6 to 7 hours there. I went there mainly to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There are three main historical buildings are all side by side there. The first building you will see, as shown above in the picture, is the Battistero followed by the Cathedral and the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.Since it was Winter, there was no queue to enter the tower. I hear that there are extremely long queues during summer. Another reason why I love winter! I went up the 300 steps to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa which has  amazing views. After soaking in the tower, I carried on to the Cathedral which was incredibly beautiful and it had a very peaceful vibe. After lunch, I went to a museum which is opposite the cathedral. I only went there because it was raining and there was still time before my train ride back to Rome. In conclusion, Pisa is really beautiful but it is not some where i would like to spend more than a day in. In fact 6 to 7 hours was a lot for me. Like many people, if you are only going mainly for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I would advise you to just spend 3 or maybe 4 hours there nothing more. 

This is almost the end of my visual for Italy. I have one more visual for Rome which is the day I spent at the zoo with such exotic creatures. I won't be posting that until I'm done with all the other visuals, so the next post will be about Berlin, Germany!