Outfits May to July

Hey Lovelies! How have you been? So i have kind off gotten used to skirts! I have been having a 
Lana Del Rey and floral phase. That explains the floral top and blue skirts which is something I usually would not wear as it i feel it is too much to the feminine side for me but i decided to pair it with Dr Martens which add a more boyish feel to the outfit giving a balanced look. 

The second outfit brings out a more Lana Del Rey feel with the West Coast top which is a song from her latest album Ultraviolence. I paired my new favorite shoes with the all white outfit. Those heels are the most comfortable, affordable and chicest heels I have! They are definitely number one in my fav list at the moment.

The third outfit is a simple yet chic outfit that brings out my culture. The top and the bag (which can be used as a clutch) has an indian vibe to it because of the print on the top. I paired it with a black asymmetrical shorts and black cut out shoes. I like this outfit a lot cause its more unique as the indian pieces are hard to get outside and its nice to add a traditional flavor to a contemporary look.

The fourth outfit is a more casual and plain one I wore for dinner with my parents. Since both the top and bottom are plain, I paired the top with a flare skirt instead of a skater skirt to give a slightly more formal look instead. When shopping for plain pieces, try to get ones that are slightly out of the ordinary. Like the black crop top i got has a cut and the skirt has a flare and fitting look.

The fifth outfit is a casual and more feminine one. Even though you cannot see the entire outfit, its a basic long-sleeved top with daisy shorts and a turquoise bag. I love the shorts as they are so tumblrish and pretty. Like I said, I'm going through a floral phase!

The sixth outfit was something I put together in less than five minutes cause I was late for an outing with my friends. I am clearly having post-vacation depression so I though I will add a turkish themed jeans that I got from Istanbul. I did not really know what I was doing. That explains why I paired the jeans with a turquoise blue top and pink statement necklace which do not really go with the jeans but i guess its not too bad. 

The seventh outfit is a more sophisticated one. It features a mature look with the handbag, heels and skirt. Definitely out of my comfort zone but it was fun to experiment with it.

The last outfit which cannot be seen completely in the picture is one of my favorite. I paired that skirt with a plain white top and black cut out ankle boots (the same one from the sixth outfit). It's my fav, not only because I love the outfit but the place I wore it to and the weather was amazing. I wore the outfit to town (victoria street) for an evening meal with my friends and when we were walking to the restaurant, it was windy and my skirt was flowing and flying and I was strutting, enjoying life with the people I love and in my favorite part of town. 

Thank you guys for reading. Do let me know if you have any questions? 

Till next time, lovelies 
Kaarthiga xx