istanbul visual

Enjoying a boat cruise
Turkish starter
Chicken Wing meal
Kebab meal
Printed harem pants
Souvenirs at Arrasta Bazaar
The streets of Arrasta Bazaar

Istanbul, Turkey

After Basilica Cistern, we went on a mini cruise around istanbul. Afterwards, we had a hearty lunch at a local turkish restaurant. The food portion was just right and the restaurant had a cosy and warm environment. After enjoying lunch, we walked to the Arrasta Bazaar. The Arrasta Bazaar is a really nice place to shop during winter time as it is not crowded. In fact we were the only ones there and it felt very peaceful. The Bazaar is a higher class version of the Grand Bazaar and it has many carpet sellers and restaurants. We also got to see the Blue Mosque at night which was a very breathtaking sight. There were graceful white birds flying around the mosque as the sun set contributing to all that beauty, definitely a picture-perfect moment. That was the end of Day 4