Inside the Hagia Sophia
Striking a post with the Blue Mosque
Having lunch at Sultan Pub 
Entrance to the Grand Bazaar
Arabic Perfume 
Entrance to the Egyptian Spice Bazaa

Istanbul, Turkey

After exploring the Blue Mosque on Day 2, we walked up to the Hagia Sophia which is right next to the Blue Mosque. The Hagia Sophia has a rich history as well as a fine architecture to compliment the ancient Mosaic tiles. After enjoying the breathtaking Hagia Sophia, we went to the Sultan Pub located in the central of the Sultanahmet area. The restaurant/bistro/pub is cosy and warm. They serve the finest pizzas and offer the best service. After enjoying a hearty lunch at Sultan Pub, we took the legendary tram to Beyazit station which is where the Grand Bazaar is located. The Grand Bazaar is an interesting place to visit and it is known as the world's largest and oldest bazaar. We ended of our day by walking to our hotel which is just a station away. We began Day 3 at the Egyptian Spice Bazaar which is filled with a hundred shops selling all sorts of turkish spices. We also chanced upon a little store selling the most beautiful (and cheap) jewelries and clocks. Hope you guys enjoyed the second istanbul visual. xx

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