Istanbul, Turkey

Topkapi Palace
Cafe at Topkapi Palace
Shop outside of the Topkapi Palace
Turkish Delight
Spice Shop 
More delights
Around the Sultanahmet area
Blue Mosque
It is compulsory for all women entering the Blue Mosque to wear a scarf.
The inside of the Blue Mosque
Garden outside the Blue Mosque
Istanbul, Turkey

I think its safe to say that Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited this year. Despite its modern outlook and citizens, it contain a rich history and an even richer culture. The mosques and palaces were breathtaking and it is unbelievable that they were built more then 400 years ago. Istanbul is a very beautiful city. I spent the first day in Istanbul exploring the Topkapi Palace which was very royal. After that I walked through the streets of the busy city enjoying the view of turkish delights, spices and street sellers which makes up the city. I spent the second day in the Blue Mosque.  Which is a one-of-a-kind mosque and it is said that "there is no other mosque in the world which can be compared to the Blue Mosque". The inside of the Blue Mosque is extremely beautiful. You can see for yourself from the pictures above. Hope you enjoyed part one of my Istanbul Visuals. More visuals coming soon. xx

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