Resplendent Rome (Pt 2)

Rome, Italy

Hi Lovelies! I'm back. I would like to apologize for the lack of posts but i promise to keep updating whenever I can. I wanted to carry on with my Europe Visuals. Pictures from day 2 in Europe. I went to the Pantheon which is incredibly beautiful and has detailed ceilings. Afterwards I walked to Piazza Navona. I enjoy walking around Rome because I am guaranteed to discover a piece of treasure in every corner of this breathtaking city. I got to see a one man band which is something I never knew existed except in disney movies. At Piazza Navona I ate the best lasagne I've ever eaten in my entire life.  After a hearty lunch I continued to the Trevi Fountain. However as seen above, it was under maintenance so did not really get to see it, but its alright I'll be back! 

Afterwards, I continued my walk to the Quirinale Palace which is honestly not really worth spending time there as it is not one of the major attractions. Moreover there are only a specific dates when the Palace is open to outsiders. However, it was nice to sit and just relax outside the palace. If you are traveling alone and enjoy the sensation of getting lost in a beautiful city, I recommend sitting outside the Quirinale Palace and just taking a deep breathe and enjoying the view. 

I walked to the Spanish Steps afterwards. The Spanish Steps leads to a street known as Via Condotti which is probably my favorite street in Rome. There were countless designer stores Salvatore Ferragamo to Chanel. For a luxury lover like me it was heaven. As pictured above, I went to Prada, Hermes & Celine. The main item I got from Via Condotti was from Celine. I got myself a Celine Nano bag! If you guys remember, I talked about this bag in my earlier post, Current Obsession: Mini Bags. I'm so excited to show you guys my latest Celine Nano bag! Look out for that post!

These pictures are from day 3 in Europe. I spent my day at Vatican City. It is remarkable, however I went there with a tour guide and she spoke very fast and had a really strong accent therefore I was not able to take in everything that she said. I would love to return to the Vatican after doing more research about the place so that I would not need a tour guide and can slowly explore the place at my own pace.After vatican city, I went to the The Time Elevator which is really fun way to learn the summary of the Roman Empire's history in 30 minutes. Overall, day 2 & 3 were really great especially the shopping at Via Condotti! Well, thats all for now lovelies! See you soon.