Bulletproof (Street Style)

Pic from instagram.
If you use tumblr, you will be well aware of the amazing trends and fashion that are found all around the world. I recently saw pictures of a machine gun tattoo tights/socks whatever you want to call it. I was in love with it because not only was it a lovely piece, it also has a strong rebellious message. I believe that fashion is more worth it when it has a meaning or message to display. Whats the point of just wearing nice clothes and looking good? The picture to the right is mine and it shows me wearing the machine gun tights together with a puffy layered skirt that i got in Hong Kong. I mix these 2 pieces together because of what they stand for. The skirt is feminine, sexy while the machine gun adds a powerful vibe to the outfit. The machine gun tights is almost opposite the skirt it gives a strong outlook that says -"don't mess with me". Dare to be different and always take risks with your outfit if you don't then thats not fashion anymore.

I got this machine gun tights from eBay it cost only S$4. I also found it on romwe.com (a street style online shop)

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